Create a slideshow from a directory!

Xfeh: what?

For some reason, it seems that simple slideshow generators with a graphical user interface for Linux are difficult to find.

There are some, but they are command-line driven or to baroque for simply showing the pictures in a directory and it's subdirectories.

I found that feh is very useful, albeit command-line driven.

So, I decided to create a graphical front end for feh, this time using bash as programming language and yad to generate the menu's.

I baptized the resulting program xfeh, you find the code in the downloads section.


Yad is very versatile and usable, but I had some trouble to get the size of the windows alright. After some googling, I found how to get the size of the system font using a python script. And then, I had to fiddle somewhat to relate the size of the font to the required size of the yad-windows.

Only a few options of the many offered by feh are used, but the code is so simple, that you will be able to add other options to xfeh.

When running xfeh, in the status bar the icon of yad is visible, not the icon of xfeh. It would be nice to change that ...

Have fun!