Facom: the software

The software is available as a zip file.

In the time the facom program was written, vectorisation was en vogue, so the program asks if the vectorized code should be used. Probably, in the old days, it was of some importance, but now the effect is hardly noticeable. The program is able to produce a restart file and restart from that file. When the program was initially written, run times were measured in hours, so that did make sense. Nowadays, the running time is a few minutes at most, so the restart facility is not needed any more.


  • Fortran-77 compiler, for example gfortran
  • C compiler, for example gcc
  • make, for example GNU make
  • to run the script "doitall" you need a unix shell

Programs and scripts

  • facom.f: the main program
  • formatter.f90: a program, recently written, that formats the output of facom more or less
  • testklok.f: a program that tests the klok.c function
  • doitall: a script that calls facom for all available input files


  • simply type: make


You can run facom interactively by calling it and answering the questions. Have a look at for example the file in3.4.5.txt what the input should look like. The doitall script does everything for you.