XROACHNG(1)                          General Commands Manual                          XROACHNG(1)

       xroachng - cockroaches hide under your windows

       xroach [-option .,..]

       Xroachng  displays disgusting cockroaches on your root window. These creapy crawlies scam‐
       per around until they find a window to hide under. Whenever you move or iconify a  window,
       the exposed orthopteras again scamper for cover.

       -display display_name
               Drop the roaches on the given display. Make sure the display is nearby, so you can
               hear the screams.

       -rc roach_color
               Use the given string as the color for the bugs instead of the default "black".

       -speed roach_speed
               Use the given speed for the insects instead of the default 20.0. For  example,  in
               winter the speed should be set to 5.0. In summer, 30.0 might be about right.

       -roaches num_roaches
               This is the number of the little critters. Default is 20.

       -squish Enables roach squishing.  Point and shoot with any mouse button.

       -rgc roach_gut_color
               Sets  color  of the guts that spill out of squished roaches.  We recommend, depen‐
               dening on the colors on your desktop, yellowgreen.

       -nomenu Hide menu.

               Use default values for all flags.

       -v      Print version and exit.

               Used to store flags given on the command line, and flags set in the menu.

       As given by the -roaches  option.  Default  is  20.  When  in  trouble,  remove  the  file
       $HOME/.xroachngrc and try again.

       Copyright 1991 by J.T. Anderson, 2021 by W.J. Vermin

       J.T. Anderson (jta@locus.com), W.J. Vermin

       Greg McFarlane (gregm@otc.otca.oz.au)

       xroach(1), xpenguins(1), xsnow(6)

Xroachng 1.0.3                              April 2022                                XROACHNG(1)