Yafour ChangeLog

version 0.9.7
        ninarow(): fixed bug: maxdepth must be .le. number of
          plies left
        yafour.py: Set start depth for level high to 10
version 0.9.6
        finalevaluation(): change sign of depth in score
version 0.9.5
        yafour.py: simplify code to erase text.
           This seems to get rid of slowing down performance after a couple
           of plays ;-)
        yafour.py: do_reset(): use timer to speed up or slow down resetting
           the board.
        add MANIFEST.in to include ChangeLog
version 0.9.4
        correct bug in negamax(): now yafour will take shortest
        path to win, and longest to lose
version 0.9.3
        set speed for drwaing texts as fast as possible
version 0.9.2
        setup.py: some cleanup, sources in src/
version 0.9.1
        initial version