Drupal: dropdown and hover


For vertical menus, the standard drupal solution is good enough for me. For horizontal menus the standard solution looks very bad. One of the solutions is "superfish".


For Superfish, you need:

admin->structure->blocks shows 4 superfish menus, ready for use. If you want more, configure the superfish module.


To bring Main menu under superfish control:

  • Place "Superfish 1" in "Header" Save and have a look. You will see two Main menu's, that is because superfish takes Main menu as default.

  • Remove the standard Main menu with the following css:

       /* remove standard main menu */
       display: none;
  • admin->structure->blocks->configure Superfish 1:

  • choose "spring" for "Style"

Experiment with Main menu: add some sub-menu-items, play with configuration.