Responsive theme

Example: esteem

Switches automatically from smartphone to normal mode.

Read carefully what modules you need, and read carefully how to install these: they need libraries.

Choose theme depending on the device that used or other criteria

For example: you want that the theme esteem is used when your website is viewed with a smartphone, and zen otherwise.

  • define zen as default theme: admin->Apperarence

Install and enable:

  • Themekey (to enable theme switching)
  • Browscap (to recognise the device (smartphone, tablet, pc, ..))

Configure browscap, the module has to load a database containing signatures of known devices:

  • admin->configuration->Browsecap

and click "Refresh browscap data".

(I had some difficulties to get that running, but after a few tries it worked)

Configure Themekey:

  • admin->configuration->themekey

Add a new rule:

    Theme switching rule chain             THEME
    [browsecap:ismobiledevice] [=] [true]  [Esteem]

For testing purposes, you can define a special user "special" to get a special theme:

    Theme switching rule chain                THEME
    [ user:name              ] [=] [special]  [Esteem]