Drupal tips and tricks

Disable request new password on /user

Install module No request new password.

  • configuration: admin->people->tab NO REQUEST NEW PASSWORD

Disable "edit profile for specific roles"

Install module User Readonly and configure.

Disable "access to urls for specific roles"

Install module Path Access.

Example: forbid access to "edit profile":

  • configuration: admin->configuration->Path Access.
  • edit the role for which you want to disable "edit profile"
  • check Access every page except the listed pages
  • enter user/*/edit in the textbox

See css to learn how to remove the edit button, but this is theme-dependent.

Forbid access to content for selected roles

See Disable edit profile above. Enter the forbidden paths in the textbox.

Registration of new users only by admin

  • admin->configurartion->Account settings->REGISTRATION AND CANCELLATION
  • check Administrators only

Disable menu items per role

Place "main menu" on top

  • See sorry, not available here after /* main menu to the top: */

Module filter

Access document root in menu

Example: you want a menu item with a link /notes/notes.php You cannot put that in a menu item, Drupal wil complain that no such node exist. Solution:

  • specify http:/notes/notes.php This, however is not understood by the gnome epiphany browser.
  • specify http:../../../../../../../../../../../notes/notes.php The gnome epiphany browser interprets this correctly. Use as many ../ as the maximum depth of your site, and some more.